We strive to plan, implement and manage the landscape design you want so your outdoor living space is as functional as it is beautiful.


We at Eaton Horticultural Landscape believe that landscape construction is an art. Art begins with design, and involves establishing purpose and use for those mediums in which you work. With a successful professional landscape designer, any landscape construction project — whether simple or complex — should compliment and enrich the environment surrounding it.

Eaton construction services excel in the landscape design process. With years of experience in both residential and commercial landscape construction and installation projects, we are equipped for design, installation and maintenance jobs of any size. You can expect complete, personal and professional service from our trained and experienced staff.

Landscaping Services

We are able to work with a variety of landscape design ideas and able to manage and install the components needed to ensure quality craftsmanship in a professional manner. We pride ourselves in quality work and professionalism within the landscape design industry.

Beyond our experience, our imagination, and willingness to work with client’s ideas have served our reputation well. We strive to plan, implement and manage the landscape design you want so that your outdoor living space is as functionally pragmatic as it is beautiful. Contact us today for free consultation and appraisal.